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KLXVER said:

Sounds weird. I mean is watching too much TV or reading too many books a disease as well then...?

Traditional television and books don't appear to have the same addictive quality as many modern inventions.  Even old-school games don't.

Unfortunately, as psychology and technology have progressed, companies have learned better and more efficient tricks to keep people engaged in their product.  Hence, YouTube is substantially more addictive than television ever was back in the old days.  People might have been up to watch M*A*S*H back in the day, but they couldn't generally binge on it without purchasing expensive VHS sets.  A program had to be watched at a specific time, usually later in the evening after people have put in a full, productive day at work.  Today, content in always available, there's always new content, and there's a program that directs you to the next thing you might be interested in.

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