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Mnementh said:
JEMC said:
I'm starting to wonder where does THQ gets so much money from, given how many studios they're buying.

Also, ELEX 2 has all but been confirmed.

They are quite good managing money. They port a lot and make remasters and rereleases. This is cheap to do but usually brings in good money. And all the studios they buy are small, Piranha Bytes has 30 employees.

The one thing I don't understand to this day is how they could aquire Koch Media. Koch is really big (800 people). This was a pretty big fish to swallow. How Nordic was able to do that is beyond me. Small studios like Piranha Bytes is another thing.

It's the rate at which they're buying studios that really surprises me. Now it's Piranhya Bytes, in February was Warhorse Studios. in January was the rights of the game Outcast, in Dacember was Carmaggedon, in November was developer Bugbear and the rights of the Expeditions games, and the list keeps growing.

They seem to be in a rush to buy as many studios/game rights as they can.

But yeah, they're good at managing their money.

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