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Bisa said:
John2290 said:
Days gone and RE2 so far this year. I hope to finish up Astro bot, The messenger and Beat saber and A plague tale is looking tempting albeit so may people seem to have gotten it I might leave a trophy absent. Pretty sure Sekerio is out of my skill range but at 70% I'm still trying and failing hard on Ishann NG+

Why exactly? 

There are some platinums I just don't want when they have such high high rarity, makes me feel like a trophy whore and that's not why I platinum games. I don't want it said that it is fpr some E-peen or whatever. I have 41 platinums, there are like a dozen games I could unlock platinums for if I spent a few hours but they would feel hollow for example Deracinè which has above a 50% rarity so I just watched the end on youtube to avoid the platinum and some I just don't want even if they have a low rarity like Beach buggy racing for example (at 98%, one triphy left) because it gives the same impression with it's mobile astethic.

And then again there are platinums I am close to but just fell off or have one silly ass trophy left like Project cars with a 24 hour real time race, I could probably get to over 65 platinums if I spent a weekend and maybe ten on top of that if I dedicated a a week or two. I'm happy with my selective 41 trophies which include games I worked hard for and that gave me a ton of fun doing so. I collect them to extend the life of games that I really love but I also don't want to look like a whore. 

I used to think people with 10 or 20 trophies were over zealous so I know the mentality and have gotten called out on my own trophies and called a whore since I past double digits. 

TL;dr I'm insecure about what non trophy hunters would think of my number and i'm also selective do I don't feel like a flaunter, while still enjoying to hunt and completing the games I love the most. 


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