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Chazore said:
JEMC said:

Oh, yeah I don't remember the name of the game but the article about it. Some of the backers are angry (how surprising!) because a Steam release was promised during the funding campaign and now want their money back, which I find it fair since the conditions have changed.

Some of the backers are actually thinking of filing for lawsuits. I wouldn't blame them, since this kind of dick move is setting a bad example and tainting the waters for crowd funding.

Hopefully these people manage to file a suit and bring back some actual order to crowd funding, by holding the ones making the product responsible. 

When this sort of crap happens though, I can never side with the dev, I'll side with the consumer. 

Suing them is taking things too far, at least in this case. They've changed the store they'll launch the game, yes, but asking for a refund because the conditions have changed is more than enough. Of course, if the devs refuse to refund or provide those that complain with a key to get the game from Steam as promised, now then is when a lawsuit could be in order.

Because honestly, there have been a lot worse cases of abuse with the whole crowfunding thing. From devs that have enough capital to fund the game but go to those sites to risk others money and not theirs to publishers making funding campaigns for a game only to gauge the interest for it, and then decide if they buy the rights or not.

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