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Hiku said:
RolStoppable said:

A bit perplexing that seemingly both Sony and Microsoft are targeting a late 2020 launch for their next consoles. Software releases in 2019 have hardly moved the needle on hardware sales anymore and a variety of promotions in the past will lessen the impact of an official price drop in the future. 2020 won't be looking good for them when 2019 already turns into a crawl.

Don't know about Xbox, but the higher your install base, the less important harware sales become compared to software sales, where the vast majority of your profits come from.
Why wouldn't they want to ride out the software sales a ~100m install base generates? Vs resetting the next generation race where they could potentially screw up big time, and end up with ~15m lifetime sales?

At some point they'll have to, in order to catch up with technology and the demands and expectations of developers and players, but if they have the ability to draw this out and just enjoy the profits, then I'm sure they'd want to do that.

Definitely makes a lot more sense for Sony than Microsoft. I think Microsoft believed their own PR for far too long ("XB1 sales are outpacing 360 sales launch-aligned."), hence why they've been so slow to prepare for the next generation.

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