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Pemalite said:
JEMC said:
I'm not sure DDR5 is that close, to be honest, at least in the PC ecosystem (maybe for smartphones it is). Zen 2 and its mobos are DDR4, and none of the rumors regarding Intel's next refresh mention the jump to the new memory either.

DDR5 estimated release date is this year... With mass production sometime next year... So I expect AMD's Zen 3 to have DDR5 support, Zen 2 was still being designed whilst the standard was being ratified, so it was expected it would release without support.


Good to know, but given the shortages of DDR4 that happened a couple years ago, I don't think AMD nor Intel will jump to the new memory right away.

vivster said:
Yet another indie game skips Steam exclusivity and goes straight to Epic. Glorious times.

I hope you're talking about Ancestors and not Dauntless, mostly because that last one is free to play and already surpassed the two million players last year.

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