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Thursday news:


First Epic Games Store Mega Sale launched, offering $10 discount for every game above $14.99
Epic Games has launched the first mega sale for its Epic Games Store, offering games with up to 75% discounts. This mega sale will last until June 13th and players will be able to get significant discounts for a lot of games. In fact, Epic Games is offering a $10 discount for every game that is priced above $14.99.
What this ultimately means is that PC players can get games like Borderlands 3 for just $39.99 (the game is on sale for $49.99 but when we apply the additional $10 discount, its price drops to $39.99).
Furthermore, every player who pre-purchased an unreleased game in the Epic Games store prior to May 16th, 2019 for $14.99 and above will receive a $10 refund. Not only that, but for all game purchases between May 2nd, 2019 and May 15th, 2019 we will refund you the difference in price between what you paid and what you would have paid during the Epic Mega Sale (inclusive of the $10 off from Epic). Epic Games notes that you will receive your refund automatically to the payment method you used in the next 7-12 days.
>> Check it out on the Epic Store.

The Division 2 sold 10 times as many copies on Uplay as the first game
Ubisoft reported record profitability in its full-year 2018-19 earnings report, with net bookings of more than €2.03 billion ($2.27 billion), in line with its target for the year of around €2.05 billion ($2.3 billion). The company showed particular strength on the PC, with net bookings up nearly 79 percent, accounting for 27 percent of the company's total for the year.
Somewhat surprisingly, The Division 2 fell short of Ubisoft's expectations on console, which Ubisoft attributed in its earnings call to "a more competitive environment than expected." On PC, however, its performance "was in line with the first Division's massive launch," and drove "a huge 10x increase in sales [over The Division 1] on Uplay."

Ubisoft’s Steep is available for free on UPLAY until May 22nd
Ubisoft has announced that its extreme sports title, Steep, is available for free on UPLAY until May 22nd. Contrary to previous offerings, however, this time you can claim a free copy of the game and you will be able to keep it yours forever.
Steep drops players onto the peaks of mountains with exhilarating experiences including skiing, wingsuiting, snowboarding and paragliding.
>> Claim it from here.

Steam has two new fake daily deals:

At Fanatical, the Star Deal has ended, but it hasn't been refreshed yet, so I don't know what game will be next. Beyond that, check out the new Flash Deals.




New 16GB Texture Pack for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion improves all textures by 4X times
Last month, we informed you about a Texture Pack for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that overhauled all of its textures to 4K and 8K resolution. And today, we are presenting you another Texture Pack using AI techniques (ESRGAN to be more precise) that improves all textures by 4X times and weights around 16GB in size.
This Texture Pack was created by modder ‘kartoffels’ and includes normal maps for all textures (though it does not include any parallax maps). According to the modder, all of the architecture, armor, characters, clothes, clutter, creatures, dungeons, landscape, oblivion realm, plants, rocks, sky, trees, water, weapons and wood textures have been overhauled.
Now while the zipped files are around 16GB in size, the uncompressed folder is 21GB (so make sure to have enough space if you are interested in these new more detailed textures).
>> Available from Nexus Mods.


Skull & Bones has been delayed and won’t be present at E3 2019
Karl Luhe, producer of Skull & Bones, has just announced that the game has been delayed and that it won’t be present at E3 2019. Luhe claimed that the team is working hard on it and that the game’s quality remains its number one focus.

Ubisoft has three unannounced games that will release before April 2020
Ubisoft has shared a new slide for its FY19 Earnings in which the French company revealed that it has three unannounced games that will be revealed during its fiscal year 2020. What this basically means is that, alongside Ghost Recond Breakpoint, we should expect three new unannounced games to come out before April 2020.
>> You can comment both this and the former article at shikamaru317's thread.

Follia – Dear Father is a new survival horror game that is coming to the PC in Fall 2019
Destructive Creations has announced that Follia – Dear Father, a survival horror from the independent Italian development team Real Game Machine, is currently under development. The game will be launched this Fall on all major platforms and will feature a VR version for full immersion on HTC Vive.

New gameplay trailers released for Samurai Shodown, Dojo Story Mode detailed
SNK has released some new gameplay trailer for Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits. The first trailer gives longtime fans and newcomers alike a better understanding of the newest title in this legendary fighting game series, and reveals all-new information about the upcoming title and showing off as-of-yet unrevealed concepts such as Dojo Mode.

The Walking Dead Onslaught is a brand new official VR game based on AMC’s The Walking Dead
AMC and Survios have announced the official VR game based on The Walking Dead series, The Walking Dead Onslaught. According to the companies, The Walking Dead Onslaught will invite players to assume the roles of their favorite survivors from the TV series, struggling against the relentless walker threat while confronting both the horrors and humanity of this apocalyptic new world.

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