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I'm about to pick up a Switch and probably as early as this weekend.  Buying a Switch was always in the works so it was eventually going to happen.  I just kept putting it off until that "right time."  As I type this post, my daughter is enjoy her last day in school as a field day so she'll be coming home with her final report card.  I promised her we'd get a Switch if she brings home all As for the last 9-week.  Going by previous trends in academic achievement, IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.  So this is not a thread about "Do a buy a Switch or not?" because the answer is "DO."  But may I get any advice or suggestions on what I need to consider?  Here's what I've been thinking so far:

1) I'm eventually going to get a second docking station to we can easily... "switch" between two TYs.

2) I don't see us being very portable with the Switch unless we go on long trips so I still need to consider a carrying case.

3) How often do you need a second set of Joy Cons?

4) The games that mainly interest her are Smash, Arms, Pokemon Go Eevee, Mario Cart 8.

5) Games that I'm interested in are Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Shin Megami Tensei, JRPGs

6) SD Card advice

I'll flesh things out more as we discuss. Thanks, all.