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curl-6 said:
TranceformerFX said:

Then....are we going off of anecdotal experiences? "A game having more polygons and pixels may not necessarily mean it evoked a stronger response."

But what does feelings and emotional response have to with anything? Emotional attachment doesn't give an argument or opinion any more weight in your favor. If we're talking "visual response" then I even have a harder time of believing Breath of the Wild/Odyssey being more "visually responsive" than other games that have been released before it's time.

The reason why I brought up "artistic style" was because Breath of the Wild was incredibly artistic in it's graphic style. Alot like Borderlands let's say. But it's just not comparable to other games that's more viable for a "surprise" factor like the thread title implicits. And I was flabbergasted to his response is all. 

Feelings and emotional response have everything to do with it. Surprise is not an objective measurement, it's a feeling. What triggers it varies from person to person based on their own subjective perception.

Heck, maybe the poster simply doesn't game on PS4 and didn't play the games you listed.

Then I guess my interpretation of what the OP had wrote as the headline is way off....