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Machiavellian said:

If the interviewer was trying to make viewers dismiss Ben, isn't it up to Ben not to make it so easy.  Its one thing to be baited, its something else to jump both feet into the trap knowing the results.  Here is the thing.  Ben has a book that talks about the very thing he promoted in the past.  Why would any interviewer not challenge him to prove that he has changed.  That is how I took the questions from the interviewer.  The question is Ben grandstanding or is he truly changed how he approached topics.  From that interview Ben failed the test.  Do we believe this will be the only time Ben will be challenged whether or not he isn't the same person who promoted toxic rhetoric, probably not.  There are many people who talk about change but they are only talking about everyone else besides themselves.  This was the take away from that interview.  Ben is only preaching about everyone else needs to change besides himself.

Everyone's responsible for their own actions.  I'm just saying that I don't much care for the constant scrutiny people have to go through in order to justify themselves.  To take this to a lower tier, how many times have you seen athletes caught up in drama over some quote that is exploded into more than it is by the sports press (which is probably the most parasitic of all forms of journalism) so that talking heads can morph these people (often barely more than kids themselves) into caricatures instead of real people?  Same thing goes for celebrities, particularly young ones.

I just don't believe that life is all about passing the tests set up by jerks with bad intent.  And, no, I don't believe that his appearance here changes what he's saying in his book or whether it holds any merit.  Frankly, it should be blindingly obvious that anger is hurting our politics.  At least in the United States, the division is as bad as it's been since the Civil War in terms of two sides just talking past each other and considering the other side evil.  Heck, Ben Shapiro spends a large portion of his time at least talking to the other side, and not just doing it in a shock jock way like the Milos or Coulters.