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World of Warcraft Classic is coming in August
World of Warcraft Classic will be sending players back in time this summer, returning to the days before flying mounts, dungeon queues and the earth-shattering Cataclysm. You'll be able to start levelling up a new character in old WoW on August 27.

Netflix will be at E3 to host a panel and spill some gaming news
Netflix, which has been making some forays into gaming, will be at this year's E3 to host a panel and drop some game announcements. And it's already off to a fine start, nailing the traditional E3 awkwardness by making the announcement via a chat with the E3 Twitter account. Brands, will they ever shut up? No.

Another Vampire: The Masquerade RPG is in development
A new Vampire: The Masquerade game is in the works, publisher Bigben revealed today. It accompanies the recent acquisition of the Werewolf adaptation, originally announced in 2017.

Research says 'casual' and 'hardcore' no longer accurately describe today's gamers
When I applied to join my first online guild in the mid-2000s, my fellow guildmates wanted to know two things: what kind of games I played, and whether I was a casual or a hardcore gamer. Ask me the same question now, and I would have a hard time answering. Things like Twitch, esports, and hardware and peripheral ownership have all changed the games market drastically. Segmenting gamers the same way we did 15 years ago no longer paints an accurate picture according to new research by Newzoo, a global provider of games and esports analytics.
>> I'd say that it has never been a good description.

Take-Two isn't worried about loot box laws because it doesn't make much money on them anyway
Take-Two Interactive president Karl Slatoff said in late 2017 that the company doesn't consider loot boxes to be a form of gambling, a position that put it in line with pretty much all of the rest of the game industry. Despite that, chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick said during the company's Q4 2019 earnings call yesterday that it is not overly concerned about the possibility of legislation banning loot boxes in videogames because they don't contribute meaningfully to Take-Two's bottom line.

Figment, the beautiful, brain-bound puzzle game, is getting 'encore' DLC
Figment is a bizarre, beautiful action-adventure game that Austin described as looking like something made by Dr. Seuss—although he also took issue with the "action-adventure" descriptor, saying in his 2017 preview that it's really more of an environmental puzzle game. Whatever you want to call it, it's bizarre, beautiful, well regarded (although not widely noticed), and it's getting "encore" DLC later this year.

Trine 4 dev diary showcases a return to sidescrolling fairy tales
I really like the Trine games, and I had high hopes for Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power when developer Frozenbyte announced that it would go fully 3D. It didn't work out quite as expect, though, to the point that for awhile the future of the studio seemed to be in doubt.
Frozenbyte managed to pull through and earlier this year announced Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince as a return to the series' original side-scrolling style. Today publisher Modus Games revealed some of the process that led up to that with a "making of" video that looks at the history of the series and shows off some early Trine 4 gameplay.

Blood Bowl 3 is coming next year
(...) Blood Bowl 3 is in development at Cyanide Studios, the maker of the first two games in the series, and will be published by Bigben Interactive. Its release will coincide with the launch of an updated board game edition that will feature all-new rules, which will hopefully address at least some of James' complaints in his 2015 Blood Bowl 2 review, particularly its reliance on dice rolls for even the simplest actions, and the fundamental opaqueness about how it all works.

Robo-RPG SteamWorld Quest is coming to PC soon
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, Image & Form's card-based RPG, is finally coming to PC after launching on Switch in April. Instead of digging mines or flying around in spaceships, this time you'll be leading a party of robots through a fantasy realm, duking it out with knights and monsters in turn-based card battles. It's the fourth time the developer has experimented with a new setting and genre, and judging by the Switch version's reception, it sounds like a welcome addition to the series.

The waiting is the easy part in gripping, free 'anti-thriller' The Interlude
The Interlude is that scene in the heist or spy movie where someone impatiently waits for an associate to arrive. You're a getaway driver, or maybe just a contact, and in ten minutes' time you're going to signal the person you're meeting there, and then the game will suddenly come to a close. There's no big chase scene, and no double-crossing shootout, although given what we know about thrillers, you can feel that something like that is about to happen.

Fortnite is getting a John Wick skin and challenges
It looks like gloomy assassin John Wick is returning to Fortnite. Various dataminers and leakers have shared details they've dug up about Keanu Reeves' perpetually damp character, including a Wick-inspired bounty mode and a broody skin. Maybe a trip to Fortnite's cheery, colourful island is just the rest the veteran gunman needs.
>> The third movie is launching this month, so they'll unveil it soon.

Dota Underlords trademark filed by Valve
Valve has applied for a trademark for Dota Underlords; it's definitely a game, but there's not much more information available beyond that. The application was filed earlier this month and categorises Dota Underlords under computer game software, electronic game software and video game software.

Don't Starve: Hamlet has left Steam Early Access
Don't Starve: Hamlet has made it through the trials of Early Access and has launched on Steam. The third DLC for Klei's endearing survival game swaps the wilderness for a lost town full of aristocratic pigmen, complete with homes and shops and all the trappings of civilisation. Unfortunately, that inevitably comes with new dangers, not least of which is a huge robot with a penchant for murdering people with lasers.

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