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morenoingrato said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Then there's how Trump's America has been treating rape victims.

Ohio wants to force an 11 year old rape victim to deliver.

Georgia bans abortion after 6 weeks, even in some rape cases, and jails women who leave the state to have one.

Alabama bans abortions, even for rape and incest.

The Republican Party has given more power to rapists over a woman's body than women have over their own bodies.

This is America. -_-

Why so much hate in your heart?

I think the abortion laws are abhorrent, but I can just as well nitpick examples on America's brilliance and leadership, which in many ways transcend Trump.

Brilliance? You call building a useless boarder wall and stealing migrant children from their parents brilliant?

Some days I just blow up.