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TranceformerFX said:
CaptainExplosion said:
I think it was either with Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of The Wild. I couldn't believe the Switch was capable of rendering all that.

Huh? Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey?

Not Red Dead 2?

Not Horizon Zero Dawn?


Not Witcher 3?

Not Fallout 4?

C'mon man... Take off your Nintendo glasses... Breath of the Wild/Mario was not "surprising" on either rendering OR visual fidelity... Least of all when you compare them to the games above...

I've played every game you've listed and I agree with Breath of the Wild. None of the other even compare to experience and impact of Breath of the Wild. Must be the art style from Nintendo.  

All the game you've listed above have better Visual fidelity but there always something in polish and performance that break the immersion.

Actually, I was very underwhelm with Horizon Zero dawn and Fallout 4 when it came to graphics.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA