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vkaraujo said:

- There was no proper trigger
This is crazy, as this is the most basic thing they should provide for her snap. They could have killed Missandei, or Rhaegal, or both, in this episode. That could work. Looking her final enemy surrender and realizing her conquest is over, does not.

- ''Her throne is threatened by Jon''
Really, I don't see how. Dany has two armies completely loyal to her and a dragon. Show tries to push a lot that Jon is more loved than her, but that is only true with MCs and the North (where we have like 200 left after the battle of bastards and the great war).

- Mad doesn't need to mean retarded
If she had went straight for Cersei/Red Keep and killed thousands of innocents by destroying it and letting it fall in the city, or maybe by setting off wildfire, it would still be bad enough, without looking this forced.

- We don't see Emilia Clark during the snap
This might be the worst in this shitstorm. I mean, this must be one of the character most defining points, but we never get to see her face during the hell itself. To me this proves how weak the writting was. In the end they could not decide what Dany should be feeling when killing children, so they could not put Emilia on cam. Was she enjoying it? Was she feeling remorse? Was she just blind by anger?

yeap, agree with your main points, it's kinda disappointing the final season is out of touch

I believe most of it was to shock viewers as usual, but this time it really didn't make any logic and was unnecessary if you think it is the end of the show