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The Fury said:
AbbathTheGrim said:

I have played and finished FFVII over 7 times while leveling up my party to level 100 so I will be a very good judge of what they remove, if they remove stuff.

I completely get what you mean. As a matter of fact, if you see the trailer you see that new scene with Sephiroth which, unless it was just made for the trailer, seem to signal that maybe we will have an encounter and who knows maybe a little fight with him in Midgar. Maybe they will add more stuff but I hope they don't cut stuff off...

...specially the Honey Bee Inn cross-dressing stuff. :D

Over 7? Amateur. :P

Just remember from the first 6 hours (if that) of the game in Midgar, you infiltrate a massive HQ/sky scraper, run up stairs with classic banter all the way up, do a small mini game straight after to dodge guards then play optional floors to get optional goods, crawl through vents etc. All I think is instead of all that it will be run in and hit your way through. What will the lift fight be like with that robot you can't reach because they are on the opposite lift? (Long Range materia even a thing in the game? is positioning Aerith's default was back, while beating Demon Wall, it was a must for me... what will Demon Wall be like?). The actual first meeting of Sephiroth outside of the flashback is in Junon on the ship when you fight Jenova for the first time, is it not?

You should watch Jim Sterling's reaction to the trailer. Many of my reservations are the same as his.

Yes, apart from the flashback gameplay in Kalm, Sephiroth first appears in the ship from Junon to Costa del Sol.

All those gameplay bits and details are important and I hope they don't scrap any of it.

If you see the trailer you realize there is not much of the game shown apart from some walking, fighting and cutscenes. They didn't show any of those things you mentioned which doesn't mean that they won't be present in the remake but that we can't state for a fact that they are there either.

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