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EricHiggin said:
John2290 said:

You really got the contrast perfect in these shots, if only there was an EricHiggins setting on SDR TVs. You'd be the go to setting. I really get a sense of HDR from these shot in contrast levels. 

Thx. Gaming Visual Calibration Services. Now there's an idea. Door to door or go straight to the corporations? lol

GOW is just another game that makes it easy. I'm actually having trouble adding the logo in because the shots just beg to be left clean and free of obstruction. HZD was a beauty but GOW is just next level. I can't imagine the eyegasms HDR itself would provide for these games.

Wait, are you on SDR or HDR though? But ya, TV's are off by so much, SO MUCH, Game of Thrones is one example, it is so different from phone to TV and the  SDR TV to HDR TV. It's crazy. 

Higgins SDR!


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