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Monday news, the (what a surprise, it's long!) part two:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is adding a mission to track down an imposter… of yourself
The Lost Tales of Greece are a steady stream of new missions for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and the next episode in the series will feature a hunt for an impostor who is posing as none other than you.
The story is called “A Really, Really Bad Day,” and it’s the ninth episode in the Lost Tales of Greece series. Someone in Lokris is pretending to be you, and is ruining your reputation in the process. Players will have to travel to village there and figure out who the impostor is. You’ll need to reach chapter five in the main story to open this quest.

GTA 3 modders have unearthed some of Rockstar’s original dev tools
Some enterprising GTA 3 YouTubers and modders have discovered some of the original tools Rockstar developers used while building and debugging Grand Theft Auto III, and they provide a fascinating glimpse into the development process.

An intensely bizarre trailer marks the start of Pathologic 2 preorders
Preorders for the upcoming psychological horror-adventure Pathologic 2 are now live on Steam, with a ten percent discount on the regular price and another ten percent on top of that for owners of Pathologic Classic HD. Which is good news, but not really why we're here. No, we're here because publisher Tinybuild has also released a "Theater of Gorkhon" story trailer and I really think you should see it.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is getting more roads to run
The next addition, Road to the Black Sea, will let players haul their loads through the Transylvanian forests and Carpathian mountains of Romania, the Black Sea coastline of Bulgaria, and the Trakya region of Turkey, the gateway to Istanbul.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood will have Dishonored-like 'open-ended' level design
Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be the first game in the series to offer "open-ended" levels that can be played in multiple ways.
Talking to executive producer Jerk Gustafsson, Official PlayStation Magazine revealed in its June 2019 issue (Issue 162), that while the campaign is "lighter" in both tone and campaign length, developing the game alongside Dishonored developer Arkane Studios means "the amount of gameplay time is greater" because of its "open-ended structure".

Bethesda outlines Rage 2's 2019 roadmap
Rage 2 might not even be out yet—it's scheduled to drop next week on May 14—but Bethesda has already outlined the development roadmap for its punky post-apocalyptic shooter, Rage 2.

Xbox accidentally reveals the next DLC character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ
Microsoft's Major Nelson has accidentally announced the next DLC character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ will be Janemba from Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.
With Kid Goku GT released earlier this week, thoughts had turned to who the fourth and final DLC character might be. But while Bandai Namco had yet to confirm any details, Xbox's Director of Programming, Larry Hryb, seemingly let the secret slip during the latest installment of his This Week on Xbox show (jump to 3.10).

PayDay 2 publisher Starbreeze won't last another year unless funding can be found
PayDay 2 and Overkill's The Walking Dead publisher Starbreeze has revealed via its Q1 2019 financials that the company will not last a further 12 months unless additional funds can be found.

Respawn to ban 'piggyback' Apex Legends cheats who intentionally don't participate in games for XP
Respawn has dropped a brief update on the changes coming in Apex Legends' next undated patch.
In a post on Reddit, Respawn community manager "Jayfresh_Respawn" updated players on the progress made since EA shared an Update to Apex Legends blog post last month.

Submarine survival sim Barotrauma enters Early Access next month
Barotrauma, which is a bit like FTL with giant sea monsters, will enter Early Access on June 5, developers FakeFish and Undertow Games have announced.
You control one member of a submarine crew exploring the depths of Europa, a moon of Jupiter. You'll be mining resources, battling off hideous monsters and trying to repair your ship when it inevitably breaks. You can play it singleplayer with bots filling the other crew roles, but the meat of the game will be in multiplayer, where you'll work with friends or online strangers to survive.

DICE removes duos from Battlefield 5's battle royale, citing lack of player interest
You can no longer play duos in Battlefield 5's battle royale mode, Firestorm.
DICE removed duos this week because not enough people were playing it—but said that it will return in the future, albeit it as a temporary mode.

Sunless Skies is getting a free story expansion next month called Vagabond
Sunless Skies' Vagabond update, which adds a new officer, new locations, and a new chunk of story, will be out on June 12, Failbetter Games has announced.
Your new officer is the Amiable Vagabond, who will take you to meet the skylarks, a "community of ragged wanderers who rove the heavens". You're trying to help them find the Sugarspun Garden, "a place surely too good to be true...".

A Hat in Time DLC adds underground world and online party play
A Hat in Time's latest DLC, out this week, adds a new underground level to explore as well as online party play, which lets you muck about in groups of up to 50 players.

Dream Engines will let you build a sci-fi city and then watch it fly away
Developer Suncrash has revealed Dream Engines: Nomad Cities, a sci-fi city builder in which you'll design a settlement, defend against "nightmare-born creatures" and gather resources from the surrounding land. Once you've exhausted one planet—or when a dangerous threat overwhelms you—you can flee, blasting your city into the air and flying to another location.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse videogame will be at E3
Werewolf: The Apocalypse was the second tabletop RPG in the World of Darkness setting, a follow-up to Vampire: The Masquerade. While Vampire gave us two videogames so far with a third on the way, we've been waiting for a Werewolf game for a while.

Devolver Digital plan another E3 anti-conference
Devolver have announced via Twitter that they and presumably Nina will be back for E3 in 2019. The tweet features a gif of the Robocop homage that ended last year's effort, which suggests that a cybernetically enhanced version of their shouty executive will return. The Devolver Digital Cinematic Universe is starting to get complicated.

CEO of studio behind indie RPG hit Outward explains how they made it without crunch
Outward is both a hardcore fantasy RPG and a game where you can never die. When you fall, the story carries on. Maybe the outlaw who knocked you down captures you and you have to escape from a bandit camp, maybe a hunter finds you bleeding on the ground and drags you back to town. It's an unusual combination of fiddly and forgiving, and it's proven a hit with players.
Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, CEO of the indie studio responsible for it, Nine Dots, recently gave an interview to Gamasutra about how Outward was made, explaining how a small team was able to create an open-world RPG without needing to crunch.

Cities: Skylines' Campus expansion sends it back to school
Cities: Skylines is a pretty comprehensive city builder, but it looks like we've been ignoring our citizens' brains and they've been turning to mush thanks to our lack of attention. Not to worry, there's an expansion coming for that, too. The upcoming Campus DLC, due out later this month, will let you design your own university, activate new education policies and nurture eggheads with research grants.

World of Warcraft's Recruit-A-Friend programme is being replaced
World of Warcraft's longstanding Recruit-A-Friend programme is shutting down soon, though Blizzard will be replacing it with a newer model. The relentless march of time affects us all. You'll still be able to ruin your friends' social lives by getting them hooked on WoW until June 11.

Minecraft's anniversary map is a huge interactive museum
The first version of Minecraft appeared 10 years ago this Friday, which is a truly terrifying thought. Microsoft and Mojang are marking the occasion with, among other things, a fancy new map that's free for all players to download. It's a theme park and museum, put together by the builders at BlockWorks to take you on a trip through the game's history.

/SPEK.TAKL/ is a free, paranoid horror that recalls Silent Hill 4
/SPEK.TAKL/, or SPEK.TAKL, OK let's call it Spek.takl reminds me of the best part of Silent Hill 4: The Room. It's an unsettling first-person room-'em-up where you're trapped inside an apartment, as increasingly freaky things keep happening around you. Things like: cryptic videotapes appearing through the letterbox, items shuffling around while you're not looking, and, naturally, sudden piles of blood.

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