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eva01beserk said:
What does more power really mean at tf higher than 12.9? Not more pixels since i doubt games will push more than 4k. I dont think framerate as more than 60fps is useles on consoles. They might focus on raytracing but even now most get show a comparison and they cant tell it apart.

There was a confirmation from sony that they are pushing to eliminate loading screens and the key is ssd's.

I think power wont mean anything next gen.

Well, I'm sure whoever gets the crown will still try to push the most powerful console ever made point. Of course, if the difference is only ~10% and they are the same price, it won't make much of a difference. PS5 will still have the advantage there.

It will be interesting to see what MS uses to push the XB2. If they don't copy Sony SSD solution for next gen, they are going to be at a huge disadvantage. And if they do, will they even be able to stick it in the cheaper SKU?