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Chris Hu said:

Ugh this sucks the Rockets should have won the series and with some minor luck and better officiating the could have done it in five games. Anyway go Nuggets since they have a better chance of knocking out the Warriors then the Blazers and are a healthier team.

Funny you should mention officiating because what I have seen this year and last is that the Rockets benefit more than any other contending team in the regular season from the touchy - dare I say ticky-tack - dare I say coddling - officiating of the regular season.  In the post season ,when things are more loose, they just don't perform as well.  The Warriors have this too, but not as bad.

But yeah, they blew it.

Oh, and let's not start throwing around GOAT claims for Curry.  Not when as of now he has just 2 MVPs, 0 Finals MVPs, no All Defensive Teams, only 2 All NBA First Teams, and in the year he got that unanimous MVP (which incidentally I can name a number of performances of the past that probably SHOULD have been unanimous but just didn't get that lucky) he lead his team to blowing a 3-1 lead in the finals.  

Right now he doesn't belong in the top tier GOAT level.  Where I would put Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James.  I think he is at least destined to wind up in the tier directly below that one, where sits Magic, Bird, Shaq, Kobe, West, Russell, etc.  But GOAT?  Yeah, let's take a chill pill.