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RolStoppable said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Even if it's not generalising it's definitely sexism so I don't think the moderation is unfair.

Plus to me at least Pemalite seems like one of, if not the, least biased mods on the team so...

It's sexism, alright. But I think this highlights a consistent problem that VGC moderation has had for a long time and why females don't want to post much, if they even sign up at all.

You just need to give the thread dark_lord posted in a read. You'll find that the OP (Metroid33slayer) has written several posts that are sexist and misogynist beyond doubt, but the one post that got picked out for moderation targets men.

Earlier today with some of the mods I discussed seeing such generalizing posts in that topic before (and as I recall they were aimed towards women), but that was at my own leisure as there were no reports from that thread, so I didn't take a full look through the topic yet.

The thread was locked based on the OP and some misogynistic comments, but I think the idea was that we would fully review the thread later as well.

In the meantime if you think any particular posts in there stand out, feel free to report them as it can speed up the process. But either way, we'll be looking through all of the posts in there shortly.

As for Pemalite, the important thing is if the moderation was justified or not, and I think it was. You have to keep in mind that there's always a good possibility that the moderator hasn't seen other potential offenses, if they were not reported. Everyone is busy with their lives, and when we're not, we mainly focus on the reports we get. Because we tend to get a lot of them. And one single report can take quite a few days to resolve.

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