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thismeintiel said:
TranceformerFX said:

Right... I already clarified that much in the bolded characters. But let me make this SUPER specific so we don't all get hung up on small details.

What I meant to say, is that you don't meet Sephiroth in the flesh (so to speak) until the Junon Boat. I didn't use Kalm as an example because it's a flashback. I'm aware that the teaser trailer is insinuating it's also a flashback, but inserting a flashback at some point in Midgar is shitty writing - and does a piss poor job of setting the stage with Sephiroth as a character/villain.

Well, we can't say it's shitty writing until we actually see it. And for all we know, this is the flashback from Kalm.

You could be correct, and that would be about in line with what we'll get in the first episode of FF7R.