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eva01beserk said:

So you really believe Sony will launch a new gen that is not even 2 times faster than its latest console launch, the ps4 pro? But for some reason you believe the anaconda will be 2x the x1x, making it almost 1.5 the power of the ps5 assuming its all coming at the same time.  What are you expecting the prices will be for them?

Honestly a new gen console coming at only 1.3 the power of the previous last gen top console would be just ridiculous. Specially not weaker than stadia.

Ps4 pro is 4,2 Teraflops so 8,3 is about 2x, it will probably be slightly above 8,3 it's a rounding number dude.

Keep in mind this is speculation, but yes, PS5 will have 8 Teraflops at the price $400, Xbox lockhart 4TF (disc-less) at $300 and xbox anaconda 12TF at $500. They will all have 1TB NVMe/SSD drive (ultra super-fast storage) and 8core zen2 CPU and will be released in fall 2020. This is 100% certain.

I've been saying something close to this for few months now, only that Brad sams and Jason Schreier (kotaku reporter) comments did throw me off for awhile. But nothing is 100% until it's 100% but after a while speculation becomes fact and all we can do now is w8 for confirmation.

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