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DonFerrari said:
ironmanDX said:

Well, look at the launch of the current gen. Xbox One sold well! Really well! It was the 3rd highest launch ever at the time (if memory serves) in spite of them absolutely butchering their reveal and Sony's more capable, cheaper machine and all the good will in the world.

They could have killed a puppy live on YouTube and would have been applauded. In spite of this, ps4 didn't double xbox during the launch window.

Sony isn't going to have that luxury next generation. While they're very likely to sell more next generation, it isn't written in stone. AMD would be fools to back one horse over the other when they already have both in their pocket.

We are talking about a 2 year window and you want to look at a 2 month window?

Sony sold much more than MS from the very begging, and PS5 would do the same. Sony can easily have a contract obeying they average sales for the 2 year period (which would be over 30M) while MS can't, they never got anywhere near the numbers. Unless console landscape changes a lot (which you seem to be determined to believe because of reasons) Xbox next will sell about half of PS5.

Of course I am... The sales are going to be massive at launch of both for both of these machines. PS5... Simply because it's PlayStation and xbox for the reasons I mentioned above. It'll be a significant chunk of the consoles sold in the first 2 years.... And set the tone of how well they're likely to sell against one another.

Of course ps4 outsold the xbox one... I just stated very good reasons as to why in the post you replied too... Any company puts out a product with that many missteps is bound to be outsold no matter the market.

The landscape HAS changed. Look at the Switch. A hybrid console is taking names... Iterating consoles now exist too, it's looking like at least one of them will launch with multiple skus and Ms are making all the right moves to make some ground back next generation. Google is coming with Stadia... There's Psnow and Gamepass... Though, again... I'll agree that the PS5 is going to sell quite a lot more than the neXtbox.

I don't see how you can say that the landscape hasn't changed.