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drkohler said:
eva01beserk said:

Also remember the ps4 launched in more markets so that alone would have given them a big plus.

Can we, once and for all, forget this bullshit?

It is neither Sony nor Microsoft that sells consoles to end users. It's shops. And there were/still are shops all over the world that sold/sell those. Regardless of whether Sony or Microsoft have an office in a particular country. Given that PS4s were actually sold out in the initial weeks in many European markets, there actually were MORE markets the XBox1 was available than the PS4.

If xbox offers something nobody wants, then no matter what a store does, it wont sell, so yes its up to them to make a good product that will sell. Putting garbage on a store will mean nothing. And to your second point the ps4 was sold out.  Wich means people wanted one and could not get one anymore. The xbox 1 was not, meaning there where xbox's but nobody wanted them. How can you not grasp the concept off supply and demand. So where there more ps4 available, more would sell, where there more xbox available the same number would have sold.

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