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AbbathTheGrim said:
Shaunodon said:

You're projecting your own image of what you want Dany to be. She's shown many hints that she could have the latent madness (keyword being 'latent' as it's described pretty clearly in the lore) of her family, and it's become more clear as the seasons have gone on and she's become more obssessed with the throne.
One of the biggest hints was actually given in the very first episode of the series: "He who passes the sentance should swing the sword." For all the times Dany has ordered her soldiers to behead, or her dragons to burn, has she ever actually passed out judgement herself? The last episode was the first time we even saw her holding a sword, when she was fighting for her life.
Don't forget that Aerys, 'The Mad King', actually had a very positive outlook in his first dozen years of ruling, before the 'latent' madness started to kick in.

The soft rule has always been, "Whenever a Targaryen is born, the Gods flip a coin..." The last four Targaryens to be born: Rhaegar, Viserys, Daenerys, and Jon (not including Rhaegar's other two kids who died as children). Viserys was clearly shown to be mad early on, which led people to believe Dany would be the good one. But Rhaegar was one of the most beloved Targaryens ever, and died a hero. And now we know that Jon is also a Targaryen, and he's one of the most noble and honest men alive. So where would that leave Daenerys in the equation?

Seems to be a common complaint amongst people who want to hate on the recent seasons, that Game of Thrones is a show which is supposed to subvert tropes and expectations, and yet it's generally the same people who complain when everything doesn't go the way they believed it was supposed to.

Dany has not done anything that Jon hasn't done in order to maintain respect. This "crazy" and "full of rage" Dany is a last minute insertion that could have worked out if it had been fleshed out as I said.

How good and kind and such a good ruler, as Dany was portrayed in the previous seasons, was the whole point why Tyrion and Varys came to her side. She was portrayed as the best option to rule Westeros and now in this last season they are shoving her away so that they can give it to Jon.

There should have been another season to flesh out Dany's madness, give some proper hints, make people talk, if they wanted it to go that way. This whole Dany is cray-cray stuff is rushed and another demonstration of bad writing.

I have defended this series up until the previous season in spite of the issues in previous seasons everyone admits, but in this season they dropped the ball.

Some people will defend anything.

I'm not going to go back and fourth with you pointing out everything you've missed, when this season has already made several references and comparisons to past events.

It's your choice if you don't want to pay attention, or you just block out everything that doesn't follow the narrative you want, and don't want to actually go through the past episodes and lore to check if any your beliefs hold water. But immediately attributing that to bad writing is just sad.