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John2290 said:

Been trying to look for an interactive map, qre these a thing of the past, anyone know? The map is gigantic and I just found out I'm only at about 70 percent unlocked.

Game is absolutely gorgeous, not usually a fan of super realistic games but this is among the most impressive I've seen lately. It looks like a HDR photo from 2010 when we used to patch three RAW files together and that is without filters or any fiddling with photo mode, turn on photomode and get the lighting right and it is mind blowing. Not sure how to get this to show up in the forum but here's a tweet that found those high points.


Particularly photo nber two of the road and the moon, if this was a few years ago I'd reckon that was a photograph that someone stitched into HDR, even now it looks real.

Check this out:


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