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vivster said:
John2290 said:

I've been looking for a show like devilman cry baby now since, well, since devilman cry baby with no success, I found some in One punch man and to a lesser degree Elfen lied, any suggestions? Something that is atmospheric, wacky and witty, thoughtful and has a strong overall arc with some existentialism thrown on top. Wouldn't hurt if it was well written and well animated too if it's stronger as a dub but those aren't exactly requirements if it is subbed. Other examples of the kind of show I'm after would be Steins Gate and perhaps that one with the big AI city run amuck.

You need some Bakemonogatari in your life.

I'll check it out, Parasyte is so, so good though. It's got me sorted for a while. My biggest problem is finding ways to view these shows, it's much harder than it was the last time I left the safety of Netflix. 


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