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Dark_Lord_2008 said:
Marriage is very important in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, where religion plays a major role in structuring society. In the West, marriage is less relevant and there are higher divorce rates and people are less interested in religion. Higher divorce rates are linked to a society that have less religious faith. Lower divorce rates are connected to a more religious society. Marriage is based on wealth/assets, the hypergamy of women seek the men with the most wealth, power and status. Men with the most power, wealth and status can have as many wives as he wants if he lives in a Muslim country. A Muslim country allows wealthy men to have unlimited wives and is based on true Capitalism. Non-Muslim countries that do not allow men to marry multiple wives is against natural law, a wealthy man should have as many wives that he can provide and look after.

Could you please also explain it for:



just want to pick the right sect at the registration screen is all...thx!!