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Torillian said:
Metroid33slayer said:

So when you were saying that it's a "scientific biological fact" what are you basing that off of? Because when someone says that I expect to see a scientific study, a review of the available literature, y'know....sciencey shit. What I don't expect is a youtube video who doesn't back up any of his claims beyond "you all know it's true right?" based off a single web article on the different forms of love ancient Greeks had words for. 

Well hypergamy is an evolutionary instinct that is indisputable. Men are the sacrificial sex, i mean observable reality should make that patently clear. Just look at youtbe video's of everyday heroes risking their lives to save others, they're 99% men. Men act quickly regardless of danger to help the victim of an accident where as the women stand there doing nothing or run away in distress, they are risk averse and will prioritise their safety before anyone else's except maybe that of their childs and even that's not guaranteed.