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HoloDust said:
As a general rule (with exceptions), men tend toward polygamy, women toward hypergamy. Allow no fault divorce, especially one that favours women when it comes to court rulings, and you get biology to do its thing...not to say some men don't benefit from it as well.

Yep hypergamy is what put me off women. For those of you that don't know hypergamy is a female biological instinct to garner as many resources from a man as possible thus ensuring her survival. So they want the wealthiest highest status mate they can get wether they are in a relationship, marriage or single doesn't matter because hypergamy has no end. So if a highest status male becomes availible and she knows she can snag him she will have no problem ditching you and monkey branching to him. Hypergamy is the complete opposite to loyalty that is why when a man loses his job the woman ditches him, this is because she doesn't have access to his resources anymore and her ingrained hypergamous instincts tell her to leave.

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