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melbye said:
I agree with Basil here, BBS, 3D and even 358/2 Days are all fundamentally important to understand a lot of what is going on in Kingdom hearts 3. I certainly wouldn't want to play KH3 without knowing the story they told

And I agree with that statement you just made. My point isn't that BBS, DDD, 358/2 Days, etc. shouldn't exist, it's that the story of Kingdom Hearts is overly complicated by all these spinoffs and I'd rather they designed the entire story differently, so that Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and 3 (the story that follows Sora in his fight against the main villain in his main story arc) would be something you could buy, play, and understand without needing to purchase 6 different game systems to play every game when they come out, and without ret-conning everything I know multiple times with prequels and betwequels that tell me that the game I just played lied to me. You don't understand how I might find that frustrating? I still love the series, and 358/2 Days is actually my favorite story of the bunch, with my favorite characters, but is it that unreasonable to wish that 3 came out less than a decade after 2, and that all the filler and spinoffs made in between then had been designed a bit differently? If you're fine with it all, good for you, but Basil is being pretty nasty and dismissive about it. I haven't said anything unreasonable here.

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