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Kowan said:
Rob5VGC said:

KH1: March 28, 2002

KH1 Final Mix: December 26, 2002

KH2: December 22, 2005

KH2 FM (Remake of Chain of Memories is included): March 29, 2007

Birth by Sleep (Episode 0): January 9, 2010

Birth by Sleep FM (Playable secret episode is added): January 20, 2011

Could you not follow people and talk shit about this game because it is KH, a series only ignorant folk like to target?

Shhhh, he still thinks it took Square13 years to release the next KH game after KH2.

It did take them 13 years to make the next mainline game. Spinoffs don't count. I love Kingdom Hearts, but SE really dragged this whole saga out way too long, and I'm still mad at them for it. And I don't hate the spinoffs either. 358/2 Days holds a special place for me. But damn, KH2->KH3 13 years? Come on SE. Not cool.