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As you all should know by now, awhile back I had added the ability to "mention" another user (ala Discord) by typing an "@" symbol, followed by the username. It was a rudimentary, hand-coded feature that sort of worked for the most part (barring the annoying notification, if somebody happened to quote a mentioned username). 

When I upgraded the text editor that you are all now using, I was able to implement a more sophisticated "mention" capability that provided for username lookup - this has now been fully implemented and is the ONLY way mentioning will work, from here forward (simply typing the "@" followed by a username will NO LONGER do anything - you MUST pick a username off the drop-down list that pops up, while typing the username).

You will know you've done it correctly, as users that are properly "mentioned" will have their username color-coded (depending on their role on the website):

SiteAdmin are red - @Machina 

GameDB are purple - @Bisa 

Moderators are green - @CGI-Quality 

Our PL Admin is pink - @kirby007 

Writers are blue - @trunkswd 

And general users are black - @SpokenTruth 

(...and yes, I've just annoyed each one of these users with a mention!!!)

Any troubles or problems, please let me know...

...oh, and the issue with quoted mentions is also fixed - you will no longer receive a secondary notification if somebody happens to quote a mentioned user!

Edit: At some point in the near future, I will further enhance this so that the mentioned usernames link to the user's profile. For now, they're just colored text.