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Dulfite said:
Farsala said:
FF wins easily. Playing FFVIII and FFX makes any new FF an automatic buy for me regardless of how bad it is or looks. Even if FFXVI has a .00001% chance of replicating the brilliance, I will still buy it. Some would say that makes me a fanboy of the series, but even so I can still say that FFXIII was a terrible game :P.

I did enjoy Zelda quite a bit, especially Majora's Mask, but it didn't change my life like how FF did.

Is MM's your go to Zelda game? HOW?! I get soooo frustrated at that game, and I play the 3ds version which is probably easier than the 64 one. It annoys me I haven't beaten it yet haha.

MM is special...I played it at  release  and enjoyed it

As much as Ocarina. The three day cycle remains unique to this day.

It was also the darkest Zelda, along with TP. It was a tough game but I didn't have problem with it .Back in HS I had all the time in the world lol