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Dulfite said:
Farsala said:
FF wins easily. Playing FFVIII and FFX makes any new FF an automatic buy for me regardless of how bad it is or looks. Even if FFXVI has a .00001% chance of replicating the brilliance, I will still buy it. Some would say that makes me a fanboy of the series, but even so I can still say that FFXIII was a terrible game :P.

I did enjoy Zelda quite a bit, especially Majora's Mask, but it didn't change my life like how FF did.

Is MM's your go to Zelda game? HOW?! I get soooo frustrated at that game, and I play the 3ds version which is probably easier than the 64 one. It annoys me I haven't beaten it yet haha.

Atmosphere and gameplay is top notch imo, and the world is really well made.