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twintail said:
DonFerrari said:

Have I claimed japan have no violence, rape or pedophilia? Nope, I claimed Japan have very low crime rate which include them. So the presence of these games aren't really what is harming kids in Japan or elsewhere.

One could even claim that is better that there are pixel porn with looks of under age people than real child porn, because people that like this type of material will go to get it, so the first one at least doesn't harm any child. Also as I said, PS is a closed environment so every purchase have an account and it certainly can be traced to a real person if police wants. So they can have all people that buy this material followed closely and arrest him as soon as he go a toe ahead of what is lawful.

I never said that you said no violence.

Playing a small role still contributes to the overall reasons why kids are harmed. 

You could also suggest that allowing such content is what can enable someone to go further. 

Do you have any serious research that these games have harmed or played any role on it? I would bet there are a big number of causes that are legal and accepted that play a bigger role.

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