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DonFerrari said:
eva01beserk said:
I admit its all asumptions based on nothing but rumors. I only think it possible cuz they are so far behind that they could only think of eating some cost just to try and catch up.

Dont think it matters anyways. They are stuck on cloud and gamepass. So unimpresive free to play looking exclusives that arent even real exclusives as they will release on almost everything but ps consoles.

Hey man, I think it is totally fair you thinking MS will do all possible to have the most powerful console. The reply was just that the way you phrased it seemed like they could be sure.

I don't think MS is really worried about having the most powerful system. They seem to be shifting towards their gaming services.  

Even if they are trying to have the most powerful console, I doubt they are interested in subsidizing it much. They didn't for the XBO or XBO X. And they sure as hell didn't for the Xbox SAD.  I think they might eat $50 or so of the cost, but I think Sony will be willing to eat $100-$150.