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EricHiggin said:
eva01beserk said:

Are you saying they might launch later just to make sure they have best specs and not increase any cost?

That might be fine for a midgen upgrade, but for a new gen launch is just absurd. Sony could claw its way back from giving MS that lead, but theres no way in hell MS could with their lacking first party oferings and poor mindshare outside the US.

haxxiy said:

I'm pretty sure the "Microsoft is aiming for more power!" rumor has been debunked already. Not that it can't happen, but there's no evidence either way, except Sony being the one who seems willing to bite the $500 bullet so far.

Besides, IBM supplied to MS a processor based on the Sony-co-developed Cell Broadband Engine for the X360 in the past. So it wouldn't be  unprecedented.

There has been mention that Anaconda will be more advanced, with no mention of performance. If this is true, it would almost suggest XB is going to wait and use whatever GPU comes after Navi, or at least have that tech baked into Navi, which PS5 may not have. By waiting another year they could also use fourth gen Ryzen instead of third gen like PS5 will be using. They could even be thinking of using HBM memory, which is not cheap. This could allow MS to have a similar or slightly weaker spec'd console on paper that performs better than PS5 due to the advanced hardware. If XB were to stick to their 4 year trend, good idea or not, it would set them up for a 2021 launch. If XB were able to convince AMD to move up all that hardware up for a 2020 launch, the cost for MS would be outrageous. Not only would they have to eat a tonne of cost up front, but $499 for Anaconda would almost be impossible.

If by some chance Navi really was locked down to PS5, MS would basically have little choice and would have to wait for what comes afterwards if they want to guarantee they end up with the stronger console. Otherwise they could end up having the less advanced, lower performing console, which doesn't seem to be the route they want to take, unless they are bluffing.

That might have worked for sony gen 7, but that was cuz playstation 2 was the best selling console ever. Do you really think coming from so far behing and having such lackluster games, that if the ps5 comes a whole year early, the few xbox fans remaining wont just jump ship? I mean I feel its almost week by week that soome bad news from MS comes out. The latest was the xbox sad release. 

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