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ironmanDX said:
eva01beserk said:
What development of x1 your talking about? They where a year late and $100 more. That at launch is garbage.

They were a year late and $100 more expensive with the purpose just to have the more powerful system this generation. (interview with Phil Spencer confirming 2016 scorpio)


It's not likely they'd spend extra cash in R&D and sacrifice a year of sales for the lolz.

I expect the same mindset next generation. If I had to put money on a company having the more powerful system, it would be MS.

I'm still not convinced either way though. Simply too early to call.

Are you saying they might launch later just to make sure they have best specs and not increase any cost?

That might be fine for a midgen upgrade, but for a new gen launch is just absurd. Sony could claw its way back from giving MS that lead, but theres no way in hell MS could with their lacking first party oferings and poor mindshare outside the US.

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