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eva01beserk said:
Random_Matt said:
Navi was a thing before even PS4, why people keep spouting BS I do not know. All Cerny does, as anyone would do in any comparable position was work with AMD to fit their needs.

Sure most likely. Im sure the version that sprouted from the sony colab is more suitable for console gaming maybe some extra feature that is beneficial for gaming only or something pc uses for other things that is unnecessary for gaming that was left out making it cheaper. Cant say that I know. But from the sound off things they have been at it for a while and yet no word or even rumors from MS if they had any special work done. 

Which is absolutely no different from the base Playstation 4 chip.
It was a PC design with a few extra enhancements like an increase in the ACE's.

The Playstation 4 chip is an AMD design through and through, but with some Sony collaboration on a few of the chips features. - Sony wasn't given some special fab-level/design level access to AMD's chip I.P.

DonFerrari said:
I would say some changes were made to base chip on the colaboration and perhaps those modifications are exclusive to Sony. Possibly MS will have other modifications exclusive to them. But in the end performance will be near.

The Xbox One had a few changes over the base Graphics Core Next like support for Xbox 360 texture formats... (Which made backwards compatibility a little easier too!)

It's just Microsoft/Sony taking a base design and semi-customizing it to suit their individual needs.
AMD has multiple GPU teams building designs... And these designs take many many years, Navi likely started development even before the Playstation 4 was on the market.

John2290 said:
Is there a chance Xbox will go with Nvidia?

Not a chance in hell.

thismeintiel said:

If they do have some kind of deal, MS would have to use the Vega. 

AMD has a GPU design in the pipeline that is newer and better than Navi don't forget.

Bofferbrauer2 said:

They might have requested some hardware features not originally planned for the Navi chip, which could also explain why there's a 2 year gap since Vega came out until Navi's release. But I very much doubt it.

It's more that AMD didn't have the manpower to develop both CPU and GPU at full speed (which is a well documented fact), and concentrated on the new Zen CPU cores and chiplet designs instead of GCN GPU upgrades.

GPU development takes years... AMD loosing a ton of key technicians didn't help matters.
But before that we had the disruption of Fusion... AMD integrated it's GPU teams in with it's CPU teams and eventually reversed that, which means there would have been significant disruption for it's GPU development.

Vega has also been extremely problematic, it's large, expensive and slow, held back by Graphics Core Next's intrinsic limitations... And then we have the fab issue, we were stuck at 14nm for so long.

DonFerrari said:

How would MS do that? They can't really have a contract with AMD saying that whatever they purchase is better and have more features than what Sony have, because for AMD to assure that they would have to break their NDA with Sony.

Last gen we had the same "MS absolutely won't let PS4 be stronger than their console".

Pretty much. It's a guessing game. AMD cannot alienate either of it's customers in this aspect or risk loosing a customer.