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NightDragon83 said:
Eagle367 said:
I don't condone how NK treats it's citizens but I don't and wouldn't trust the US government at all. They have broken multiple contracts, ousted multiple elected leaders and dictators, committed numerous war crimes, defended and even employed multiple war criminals, have been on the wrong side of history too many times, and don't seem to learn any lessons from any of it. Hell, their foreign policy seems to be a one-party thing. They always agree on war and never on peace. In fact, the removal of the US from Yemen by both parties led by Bernie Sanders and a Republican whose name I forget was the first time I think they actually voted against war. They voted for the war in Vietnam, iraq, Afghanistan you name it. Their track record sucks. They double-crossed many leaders as well. Their breaking of the Iran deal is just the most recent one and while I agree this one is unique in that it was just the president and not the entire executive, legal and legislative system pushing for it, it still shows that it's very hard to trust the US. I hope that North Koreans themselves rise up against the dictatorship on their own and stop them on their own without the involvement of the US, Russia or China. I hope Venezuela and Iran are spared from the wrath of the US as well. So on the one hand, NK is dangerous but on the other hand, from their point of view, I wouldn't trust the US either,

Iran is a state sponsor of terror, we were right to pull out of that garbage deal where they pinkie-promised not to build nukes (but only for 10 years) in exchange for billions in cash up front and access to western trade and financial markets.

I'm also having a hard time visualizing how things for the people of Venezuela can get much worse at this point, and you needn't worry about the "wrath" of the US being inflicted on the country because Russia is already there propping up Maduro's dictatorship to stave off total collapse while using military contractors to clamp down on public protests and government opposition.

Guess what, the US is a proven state sponsor of terrorism. I'm sure Russia, saudi Arabia and China are much worse than Iran. Maybe even Pakistan, India and Israel are worse than Iran. I don't condone maduro or Russia, but I also don't want the US with their drones attacking inniinnoc or helicopters shooting down innocent people or another hellhole prison like Gitmo or any ghuraib in Venezuela. If you think Iran is bad, you should look into the US and her allies, Saudi Arabia and Israel. I don't condone any of these things by any of them, but if you think Iran is the exception, you're awfully naive. That's why they wanted Assange as well. He aired their dirty war-loving scummy laundry to the world for everyone to see. What was once an open secret to anyone in the middle East, south America, south and south East Asia wasn't even a secret anymore. The US tortured Chelsea Manning, Snowden is hiding in Russia and Assange will for sure suffer a very horrible fate after a sham trial if he ever reaches the shores of the US.

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