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Why haven't anyone made a space bounty hunting video game (space cowboy). Set in a dangerous galaxy sprawling with outlaws of a multitude of alien species. Ability to traverse a variety of handcrafted planets (no procedurally-generated content). Deep and interesting lore, scale and scope, and player choice/freedom akin to Elder Scrolls. Explore complex concepts and themes such as Black Holes, time travel, quality of life in planets etc. Lone travel alot like Geralt in Witcher series (no crew bullshit) so it feels like an actual journey and adventure. Basically Cowboy Bebop the game but less animeish and a character like Geralt.

I know the cancelled Prey sounded pretty similar... but thats been cancelled so yeah
Cyberpunk 2077 seems pretty close which im extremely hyped for but I dont think we'll be exploring space
Im aware Beyond Evil and Good 2 exists and is the closest to such game but I dont think Ubisoft will pull it off
I have no faith in Star Citizen

I would simply love an ambitious, large scale, hard sci-fi exploring the unknown and unpredictability of deep deep space. While also hunting some space alien baddies!