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Dulfite said:
Random question here. I loved Kotor 1 and 2, enjoyed ME 1-3 (I think, if I recall, 2 was my favorite but I could be wrong). I hated DA1, didn't play a lot of it nor any of the sequels. Would I enjoy DA: Inquisition?

My opinion is bias, as I may have stated, but I will add to Matt's reply. DA:O is more tactical than this. You can definitely spam attacks as more of an action RPG than Origins. The fetch quests were a big gripe for many but honestly, ignore them, they are 'side' for a reason. Only reason to do them is for trophy hunters. (Ignore shards and requisitions, helps loads).

The game becomes 100% better when you aren't trying to reach some silly area farming or collecting stuff but just getting on with the game. There is more than enough content for that. First part is in one are where you are meant to meet a person then gain a small amount of power to progress the story (power is needed to do that). But based on early impressions people just stayed in that first area and farmed and gain power not leaving or opening up the main game. Once you finish the first chapter the game opens up with more of the world to explore.

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