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Playing Dragons Dogma now and the first game I've played since beating Sekerio, after trying to get into four others already yet everytime I die I am hit with a load screen where the first option is retry on easy mode, it is fucking ridiculous and the fact that hard mode is locked away from you until you are past a certain point in the story is another oddity. Why aren't journalists raving about this "near stunning lack of disrespect for the player" in games like this, most recently DMC5 that holds the higher difficulties hostage under and unusually easy normal mode for the first 80% of the game or the fact that the game hits you with an easy "bitch out" orb everytime you die negating any real consequence should you die, as long as you have real world money or log in every day and then the game you paid 60 euro for has worn out it's welcome by the time you get to the difficulty you wanted for your second run which is pointless anyway because you have stor3d up enough golf orbs to buy your way through every boss.

Where is the rally of support for us people who don't want to be targeted at our weakest moments in the games we pay full price for, at least with From soft you can tell the game isn't for you before going in and purchasing it. Here it is not so simple, the fact that I am thinking of hitting that retry on easy mode in Dragons Dogma is failure on the development team. Thank God From soft exists and other developers that don't try and tempt you into sidestepping challenge at a frustrating loss.

I'll continue to play Dark Arisin but if I end up being tempted by that retry on easy mode during a boss down the line I will just put the game down.


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