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I thought nobody had replied to this post and just saw the exclamation mark in the new Forum Buddy! =P

spurgeonryan said:
I cannot even beat a lynel with any weapon yet and I have been playing it since launch. But with in the first 2 hours of getting off that first Cliff I managed to make it to Ganon with hardly anything. Then my next challenge was to go around the entire edge of the world with nothing but what I could feel me on my way. Did not save up any meals until I got to the snow. Those are my favorite early challenges.

These sound challenging too! I shall try them sometime (I keep coming to this game from time to time just to try new stuff that people posts on Youtube or forums  =D  ). In fact, I've been thinking for a while about recording a video on "how long does it take to circumvent Hyrule", since I already made another clip about how long does it take to cross it from Gerudo Desert to the Akkala Lab. (SPOILER: I'ts 42 minutes! Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCBGkf2LOKY).

spurgeonryan said:
Check out that metle or mety guy on YouTube. Does a lot of cool things and challenges. I think he still actively posts too.

Yes, I know that guy, but most of his videos are mde with hacked versions of the game, so that breaks some of the magic for me  =P

GoOnKid said:

Holy cow, I could NEVER do that! Respect, dude!

Out of curiosity. Why is your sword never breaking? Swords usually don't last that long.

Hahaha! It's just practice! The sword doesn't break because it does not get damaged when you hit the Lynel while mounting it, only when the blade impacts  =)