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COKTOE said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
The biggest problem I have with my PS4 is just that the OS is so incredibly slow. I also really don't like the fact that something like every 1 in 7 times I start my PS4 Pro, it has a 1-2 second delay in sound and so I have to restart it again.

That sounds annoying. I think you have a bunk system. I have never had this happen on either my launch PS4 or the Pro, and I have used them both quite a bit more than you have.

Oh I know it's not an intentional issue or something too common on PS4 Pros. 

I've always hoped it was more so a simple software issue with the PS4 Pro rather than a hardware issue, since the system runs fine otherwise (the only time the OS is slow is in the store or when I'm playing a very demanding game and using the main PS4 menu). 

That being said I guess I should really stop being lazy and look for a fix. It's possible it's just something I need to tinker around with. Usually I just restart my console. It can be annoying though especially when you start a high-octane action game and realize minutes in that your sound is screwing you up