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Random() said: What does this site have to gain by saying MS didnt sell 10 million? You seem to take Microsoft's statistics at face value as you seem to try to fit there estimates with your numbers. And you have to agree that MS has an interest in misleading us... but really why would VGCharts lie? do you think they are run by Nintendo or Sony? it just seems that you really want to spin numbers until we agree that the 360 is the sytem of the gods. the numbers i really would like to see is what % of 360's are defective. because i know of a few people with broken down 360's... yours truly included.
Been checking around different forums and sites a bit trying to find some real numbers myself... and I just had to sign up to ask... Are you serious that you trust the numbers on this site because you don't see the reason they would lie? That does not make any kind of sense at all. Of course you have to question the numbers if they don't show where they got them from. They could be missinformed themselves, you don't need to actively lie to post something incorrect.