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Cerebralbore101 said:
crissindahouse said:

So much panic over nothing...

Did I even read that we might get broke in the future because of the costs of streaming?

We have even more movie options nowadays than before streaming got big with DVDs, Blu-Ray, UHD Blu-Ray as options...

We got much more and sometimes also better TV shows with streaming.

We have still CDs for music. Vinyl even has some comeback while most just stream.

But sure, game streaming will destroy everything...

Just forget about all the possibilities to give us even more games and options, just pretend as if the end is near.

The thing about TV, and movies is that we went from having to wait for a broadcast to just watching it whenever. We went from shows not being popular enough to put on cable, to shows finding their audiences through the internet, and services like crunchyroll. 

TV got better because internet distribution replaced timed broadcasts. Games already saw the benefits of that once digital distribution became big years ago. That's where all these great Indie games came from. 

How would the option of being able to stream a game give us more games? How would it give us more options? 

You still have to wait to watch TV shows. Instead of waiting for say.. an 8est broadcast, you’re waiting for whenever the network dumps the newest episode onto their streaming service or something like Hulu.

And streaming didn’t just give us shows “not popular enough for cable”. Netflix and Hulu have both designed their own amazing content for people to stream. CBS has entire shows exclusive to their streaming service. DD solves or replicates none of this. Digital distribution saves us from having to go to the store to buy a new game, or wait for it to ship to us. What streaming does is let you instantly play. 

The shows on Netflix and Hulu etc are popular because you can sit down and watch an entire series. You can watch one season of one series and switch to another season of something else, all with one subscription. Streaming games will allow you to play whatever they offer whenever you want. That’s nothing like digital, where you have to download it, and pay per title.

Also the extra options and games is pretty obvious. Google will have developers, Apple will to whenever they enter. Etc etc. More devs = more games.