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cycycychris said:
MrWayne said:

I think at least one woman will have a very good shot in the race, middle aged women are after all the biggest voter group for the democrats.

I actually have Harris currently as the 4th person in my rankings. She might ride real close to Beto, they are pretty similar imo. I think Warren is DOA and none of the other women candidates really have much of a chance imo. If Beto gets the nomination, I think we will see them pick someone like Harris. But I also think Klobuchar might get a lot looks due to her connection and popularity in the rust belt. Only negative is that she isn't well know elsewhere and not a POC (which is something I think a White male candidate will be looking for).

Overall, i can't right now see a women getting the nomination and I think Harris will be the one most likely of all the women candidates.

Tulsi has a decent amount of support but I agree, she hasn't really risen above Harris thus far. 

Overall, unless something major happens, It'll be Bernie vs Beto vs Biden (assuming Biden does follow through with what people keep saying is going to happen).