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kirby007 said:
thismeintiel said:

LOL, pretty much.  I wouldn't be surprised if Sony has some new announcements for Now with the PS5 announcement.  At least, I have noticed that in the past few weeks they have really been pushing Now ads on Youtube.

Also, with Google announcing 10.7 Tflops "consoles," I'm more optimistic about the rumors of PS5 being 12-14 Tflops.

The thing is the consumer doesnt have to buy that 10.7 flops so instead of having to buy a ps5 pro halfway they get the upgrade for free

"For free" lol.

Every time they need to restructure their serves where do you think the money will come from? You.

Be it with more aggressive/constant ads or rising the subscription pricing, or demanding you to upgrade your already pricy internet connection. They will never invest money to get no return from.

Also, good luck using all that power with your sub 4k screen on anything but your home screen where your console is plugged, that comes with free quality compression and input lag as a bonus to enjoy your games.

You are not getting to actually benefit from that power as it is, even less for free.